Funding for Beaver River Trestle

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June 5, 2016
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August 22, 2016

Funding for Beaver River Trestle

Lakeland families, residents and visitors will soon benefit from the rebuilding of the Beaver River Trestle thanks to federal investments to expand and improve snowmobile, allterrain vehicle, off-road motorcycle and non-motorized recreational trails from coast to coast to coast.

Today’s announcement is just one of many examples of supported projects that will positively impact Canadian communities.

“By investing in trail infrastructure, our Government is encouraging job creation, linking communities and increasing recreational opportunities for Canadians. Through this commitment, we are continuing to support economic growth from coast to coast to coast while ensuring that Canadian communities remain among the best in the world to live.”

Canada has a vast network of recreational trails which allow Canadians to experience the outdoors and appreciate this country’s natural beauty. Thanks to a partnership between the Government of Canada and the National Trails Coalition, $10 million has been made available between 2014 and 2016 to help expand and rehabilitate Canada’s snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and non-motorized trail system.

The NTC was founded in the belief that trail users and volunteer trail builders/managers can achieve much more working collaboratively and supporting each other’s goals. Thanks to the support of the Federal Government, trail users have once again been able to apply for project grant money. These additional funds of $10 million from the federal government will ensure the revitalization of recreational trails across our country and provide individuals and families with the opportunity to enjoy quality outdoor infrastructure and continue to live active and healthy lives.